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How To Manage Your Workforce More Effectively - A Productivity Hack

Livia Jenvey |  March 4, 2019 

The biggest issue a leader of an organization faces is guaranteeing their workforce is performing efficiently.

It can be challenging when you have an ever-changing dynamic workforce, where your energy as a leader is continuously used in managing the ins and out of employees, the flow of information between them and how to keep the day-to-day organization moving forward all at the same time.

As a business leader, this can leave you feeling very scattered and pulled in many directions day-after-day.

You are draining your ability to think straight and leaving you open to make poor decisions which can cause your workforce to work less efficiently.

If not checked, can create long term negative impacts to your business' bottom line.

One thing I do when consulting leaders, is to determine what would be the best options to help each continue to stay on point each day. Because when a business leader is not at their best form daily, it is tough for them to keep their team operating at high-performance pace.

If as a business leader you notice you are feeling drained and unable to think straight often during a hectic workday, here is one thing you can try from my book Daily Productivity Hacks to help:

Hack #4 – Closing Your Day

  • Setting up time at the end of the day to decompress from the day is the second most important activity that you can do.
  • When you set up a time to close your day, you permit yourself to let go of all the actions, thoughts, and things that happened during the day, for you to have an open, clean slate for the next day.
  • In short, you are providing your hard-working brain the ability to stay on point the following workday.

To read the entire chapter on the full benefits of Hack #4 Closing Your Day, select link below:

Click here to download the free chapter sample copy of the book. 

  • For incorporating this in your life, ask yourself the following question:
    • What is one thing you can do today to help your close out your workday?
    • Think of some simple, unique activity which will be useful in helping you let going of the workday & regain energy to be on point for the next day.

Try this out now to help you avoid making any adverse business decisions.  Allowing you to keep your team operating at high performance in your company each day.


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