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3 Simple Steps To Alleviating Team Conflict

 Livia Jenvey |  November 19, 2018 

Do you have a group of employees who, as a group, seem disconnected and are in constant battle with each other? 

If you answered yes to this question, it is highly likely that your team might be frustrated and confused over their work priorities.

When employees are frustrated & confused on what they are supposed to do, this result in them turning to survival tactics. That means, employees start to fend for themselves, a “me against the world” thought process that leads to less social connection and more conflicts arise.  Because employees think they are fighting one another for scarce resources.

As a leader, having a team working as a whole gives you more leverage and strength in getting the job done. Because with many heads working in unison equates to more efficiency and faster results verse many disconnected individuals who work in conflict.

If are trying to manage a disconnected team, try out the following three steps to begin to get your team back together and working in unison successfully.


Step 1 – Connect with the Individual

Setup a meeting with each employee to get their feedback and check-in with them on how they are doing and try to understand what concerns they might be having that they are not expressing fully.


Step 2– Connect with the Team Together

Setup up some time to bring the team together where, as a team, they can speak on ideas or opportunities that the team can each contribute work on.  This could be a weekly team huddle or weekly team lunch. The key here is to get them together where they have the opportunity to feel they have the ability to work a situation as a group.


Step 3 – Start Open Communication 

Starting open communication is about giving direction to the employee as to what goals they need to achieve.   Which there maybe things that you are getting mixed messages from your own superiors with, if you openly communicate that to your team they will feel that you are connected with them and that they are not alone. 


Try the above three steps today to get your team, that might be not working as a whole, whole again.


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