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Two Simple Ways To Share Gratitude With Your Team


Livia Jenvey |  November 19, 2018

Are you struggling to keep good people staying on your team or at your company?

If you answered yes to this question, you are not alone. Forbes Magazine published an article that listed 66% of employees are likely to quit their job if they feel unappreciated.  As a business leader, this is something to take seriously. Because it takes on average 6 months to hire and train new employees.

One way to keep your great performing employees happy is to show them gratitude.  Developing and demonstrating an attitude of gratitude to your employees shows them respect, which leads to feeling appreciated. This is also something that can be applied daily in simple ways in how you manage your entire workforce. 

Here are a couple of scenarios you can develop with an attitude of gratitude daily towards your employees:


  1. Appreciate the Little Things they Do

You may not realize it, but the little things your employees do lead up to big things. Employees that work extra hours to get the task done, assistants that keep your meetings organized, even an intern that gets your coffee delivered at the exact time each day.  These things might seem like little tasks, but it took each person effort to get them right for you.  Take a moment to thank them specifically for these little things and say how you appreciated that they were able to work that extra hour, make sure your schedule stayed organized or get you your coffee on time.  You will find that appreciating these little things will make people feel respected. 


  1. Honor their Little Wins

This is one that often gets missed because, as a manager, it may seem like it is part of your employee doing their job.  Here is an example of what I mean by honoring little wins.  You have an employee who has been working with a vendor on negotiating the price for a service or product. The employee has been working back and forth on the price negotiation and finally won a great deal. This is a small win compared to the greater picture of the overall project, but it is still a win anyway. If you show your gratitude to this employee for this small win, it will make them feel appreciated.


Try out these scenarios today to develop an attitude of gratitude and to keep your team feeling appreciated and happy to stay working at your company.


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