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Adapting To Chaos

Livia Jenvey |  April 13, 2020

In this blog series, I'm sharing on Leading Through Recovery. Last week I spoke on the five phases of recovery, which are Disbelief, Acceptance, Adapting, Innovating, and Surging.

We talked about the first two phases, disbelief & acceptance, and how important it was to quickly get through both of those phases for your organizational recovery.

This week, I would like to speak about the third phase Adapting, as this is the phase where you begin to determine how you can quickly accelerate your recovery.

For every industry, there are standard ways businesses operate. Each organization, when it is running at full capacity, can have numerous actions all conducted at once, even when some of those actions are not a necessity. Some of such activities are towards fixing old, updating into new, changing processes, or doing the base foundation to keep the machine running.

So when a crisis causes a significant impact on your business, getting down to the base foundation is essential to start.

For adapting to chaos, start to prioritize the type of actions your organization performs right away. Anything nice to have and not part of the top 3 base priorities consider pausing. These are things you can come back to later, because at this current moment, you want to see how you can run only at the base foundation.

Doing this will remove excessive effort on the other lower priority items, which will allow you as a leader to focus your time keeping the lights on in your business.

Once you have come done to the base functioning of your organization, begin an open dialogue with your vendors, customers, staff.

The success of adapting to any chaos that is negatively impacting your business is to begin open conversations.

  • Create an open dialogue with your vendors and internal staff to discuss how this shift is impacting them and ways to mitigate these changes.
  • Create an open dialogue with your customers, informing them of ways you are now adapting to this shift and how you can continue to support them.
  • And create an open dialogue with your leadership team(s), to gain insight on how each area of your organization can adapt to running leaner, with minimal disruption.

Use these tips as guidance as you start to adapt to shifting your business to handle a crisis.

Next week, I will share how to start to gain more ground in speeding up your recovery with the final two phases of Leading Through Recovery.


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