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How To Grow Your Leadership Confidence

Livia Jenvey |  June 19, 2017

Are you done with being overlooked for a leadership role?

Are you ready to be the leader you are meant to be? 

Well, I am hear to tell you, are already are a leader, each of us are, even if we know it or not.  In our daily life we are involved in various things that make us the definition of a leader.  You may be a leader at work by leading a meeting, a project, or introducing an idea on your job.  At home you may be the leader of your household, leading your family or tasks for your home.  In your social life you may be a leader on a social team, sports team, or a group.  Each and everyday in some way you are influencing someone(s) lives as a leader.  Thus if you want to live a life full of prosperity and abundance and score this next level leadership role, stop playing small thinking you not already are a leader.   

If this is a hard mindset to break, the following exercise you can practice daily to help you grow your confidence as a leader.

Step 1 - Review Your Day For Playing Small Actions

At the end of your day write down one thing you did that you felt or thought you did which as playing small. It could be that you didn’t speak up in a meeting, voice your opinion on a topic, or set a boundary with a co-worker or friend.  Something you think was a cause for you not to flex your leadership muscles. 

Step 2Advise A Close Friend On Handling One Of The Playing Small Actions 

Now imagine that your close friend had experienced this same situation.  How would you advise your friend to have handled the situation.  Write down what you would have advised your friend to do. 

Step 3Write Down One Action You Will Do Differently Tomorrow

Next, write down the one action that you will do tomorrow that will allow you to express the best version of you. An example of this would be: “Tomorrow during my work, I am committed to asking one question and it can be any question.” 

Practice this exercise each day to help you gain more and more confidence in your leadership.


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