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Challenges Facing Leaders In Today’s Environment

Livia Jenvey |  May 4, 2020

With still no cure confirmed to stop the coronavirus that is impacting the world. There are much uncertainty and speculation about the future of the business economy.

In the United States, some states have extended their shelter in place ordinance while others are starting to reopen. However, with still no extensive testing yet rolled out to test more individuals.  Many industries are unclear when they can get back to business as usual, which is causing a high level of anxiety for many business leaders.

Thus to continue to function, a business in today's environment becomes challenging. There are a large number of things to focus on, from getting access to governmental aid to help your company have the cash flow for payroll, to keeping employees safe and healthy and trying to continue to service customers to make revenue. As a business owner, trying to maneuver through all these challenges can be overwhelming.

To support you as a leader who might be just looking for a sounding board or something to help you focus on outcomes of trying to lead in today's environment.  Here is one simple and easy leadership tip to utilize today, that I've been advising my clients to implement.

Schedule Daily Unplug Time

The biggest suggestion I have advised my clients is to take some time to unplug from all the chaos.  Even if it's for a few minutes during your day, you'll be surprised how taking a moment to be away from the information overload will provide you the ability to think with more clarity and focus.

  • Set up time daily to unplug.  Start with a minimum of 30-minutes, mid-day is usually the best time. 
  • Purposely step away from the desk and phone.
  • Best if you get outdoors. Find a safe place to sit or stand where you can close your eyes and concentrate on your breath.  Or with your eyes open, focus on a nearby tree or watch the clouds in the sky pass by overhead.
  • The goal here is to give your mind space to relax and recharge.

To move forward successfully in either creating your business continuity plan or implementing one to helping safeguard your business in this current challenging environment. It requires a business leader to make effective decisions based on short term fixes and long term gains. 

To do this successfully means it's vital to let go of any thoughts that are getting in the way of being able to focus clearly on the tasks on hand.

Unplugging from the information overload helps you do precisely this during such times of challenge. Disconnecting from the chaos allows you to regain peace of mind in your own terms, which provides you the mental stamina to focus only on those things that will benefit your business. 

Do this daily, and you'll be surprised how this simple and easy tip of unplugging will provide you the mental focus and stamina you need to implement your business contingency plans with success for supporting your business through today's challenging environment.

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