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Communication Mistakes To Avoid – Part 4

Livia Jenvey  |  July 23, 2018

In the continuation of the four communication mistakes to avoid, last week we discussed the third common mistake: Doubting Your Gut.

This week we will dive into the final big communication mistake to avoid: Not Fully Listening.  This one is a biggie; hence I will dive into the specifics of how this one gets missed and tips to avoid it.   

In our ever-advancing technological innovative world, where we have numerous ongoing tweets, emails, posts, likes, spreadsheets, presentations, IMs, etc. to get back to, being able to fully listen has become more and more of a challenge.  Meetings are no longer attended by the two or more people who are scheduled to be in the room, they are also attended by the many other people attached to the devices we carry into those rooms with us.  And all those who are on the other end of those devices are also vying for our attention.

Even though we brag about how we’re super-efficient multi-taskers, when we don’t fully listen to the audience in front of us, and let the distractions of the devices take over, this leads to losing rapport with our audience and a whole host of negative things.  Negative things which can spiral down to jobs losses, business failures, and massive profit decreases, all from not fully listening to your audience.

So the next time you are in a meeting, try these device trick options to help you avoid other people taking your attention away.


  • Cell Phone Device Trick Options:

    • Leave the cell phone at your desk

    • Turn off your ringer, vibrator, and place phone faced down on the table

    • Put do not disturb on

    • Turn your phone off and leave in your pocket or bag


  • Computer Device Trick Options:

    • Put do not disturb on IM

    • Close your Email Application

    • Turn off the email alerts on your email


The next time you’re in a meeting, try these out to make sure you avoid this big communication mistake of not fully listening. These are easy ways to ensure your interactions are positive, your communication is clear, and you don’t have to deal wth any messy, negative outcomes that might happen due to miscommunication.


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