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Developing Cultural Leadership

Livia Jenvey  |   June 10, 2017

Last month, I had an opportunity to spend some time in China and Thailand visiting some very successful manufacturing and hospitality companies.  I was very impressed with how these companies’ leadership incorporated various services that were tailored on cultural aspects of foreign companies that they were working with. 

I found that this gave these companies an edge in their industries, because these adapted services helped them score some big global clients that chose to work with them specifically because of this.

As business leaders, building trust in your customers is key for acquiring and retaining customers. In our growing global economy, business leaders of any company, be it of a small startup or large corporation, are relying on this global economy to help build, grow, and/or expand their businesses.  This global economy has provided business advantages in such areas as: costs, products, services, resources, and knowledge that any business can benefit.  

The strategies that helped the companies I visited in China and Thailand grow impressively, were taking advantage of the growing global economy and implementing cultural best practices when running their businesses.  These companies emphasize who their customer is and who the potential customer will be.  They purposely worked on understanding, what cultural aspects are important to each individual customer in order to offer it as a benefit to their customers.  This gave them a competitive advantage of developing a greater sense of rapport and trust with their consumers, because they got to know and understood what is important to them. This strategy helped create the advantage these businesses used to excel ahead of their local competitors.

My question for you today is, as a leader in your business, have you become aware of any cultural aspects that may be important to your customer that you could offer as a competitive advantage in your business?

Take a moment today and think about where your customer comes from and how you can apply that to your business to help boost your sales.

Sometimes seeing what is in your neighbors backyard, may give you an idea of what you would like in your own.


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