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What Effective Business Leaders Consider When Increasing Their Profits

 Livia Jenvey |  January 7, 2019 

With each new year, business leaders are focused on getting their team ready to move forward to increase yearly business profits.  

Yet, do you have the right team in place to make this vision possible?

Business leaders are visionaries.  Their vision is the foundation of the mission of where the company is to go.  

Yet for a business leader to excel in having their vision implemented, it comes from having the right team in place to get the job done.  This is true for organizations which are matrix or flat. There are still the same roles to be played—the business leader whose goal is, “This is where we are going,” and the team whose goal is, "We ensures it all gets implemented".



However, if you have a team currently not staying on track to keep things running in the right direction.  You will unfortunately have a major roadblock when trying to implement your new vision of increasing this year's profits successfully.

Effective leaders mitigate this, by asking themselves the following questions before charging forward with a new target to increase this year's profits:


1) Am I receiving, at a minimum, weekly status updates on how things are moving forward?
2) Have I communicated to my team, on an ongoing basis, the exact mission they are to complete?
3) Am I providing ongoing feedback to the team, telling them my thoughts about their performance?


In working with my business leaders, consulting them in areas to enhance their business performance to increase profits.  I have found these three questions are the most common items that are dropped in a very busy business leaders day-to-day.  

However if any of these three are missing from a business leaders day-to-day, the ability to stay on target of achieving the goal will get missed. 

Take a moment to assess if you are implementing these three things today before you start to increase your profits.  These three key questions will guarantee your team stays on target to increase your profits this new year. 


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