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How To Implement Small Business Performance Shifts Successfully

Livia Jenvey |  April 15, 2019 

If you think of someone, who is a champion, who comes to mind?

Tiger Woods - He did just completed arguably the greatest sporting comeback of all time!

But what if I told you, it also could be someone within your company: a team member, colleague, co-worker, or boss.

By definition, the word champion means = A person who fights or argues for a cause or on behalf of someone else.

If you are looking to make any shifts in your business to perform better to increase revenue, having a champion on your side will be your advocate, promoter, supporter, your "champion of change" for your organization.

When working with clients in helping them determine what small shifts, they could do to make the most significant impact in increasing the performance of their business. One of the questions I ask often is:

Who is your champion within the organization?

Because having such individual or individuals can mean the difference between actually getting these performance shifts to happen or not.

If you are looking to increase performance and grow your bottom line, use the following questions to determine if you have a champion among your ranks to help you make it happen successfully:

Question #1: Who is in support of change?

Look within your company and start asking around if there is anyone within your company who has verbally expressed their support on any changes. People often like to talk about what they think would be a good change. Ask around and see who is in favor or not.

Question #2: What’s in it for them?

For anyone to be your work champion, they have to be excited and on board 110% with your idea. An idea of change could be a great idea, but is he or she likely to want to go out to argue it on your behalf. Assess if this change idea has any value for them or not.

Question #3: What is their sphere of influence?

Last and most important, who are the people your potential champion connected with? Who could they possibly influence? For example, one team member is connected to the head of Marketing, because they play in a hockey league together. The change shift you would like to make might effect Marketing. Your champion could be your supporter to help the head of Marketing be on board with any changes.

Try the above questions today to help in successfully implementing any small performance shifts in your business for growing your bottom line.


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