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How To Keep Your Employees Happy

Livia Jenvey |  December 9, 2019 

Have you watched some great employees leave your business this year? 

Well, as a Business Leader, you're not alone in having had to face this challenge. Data show that 1 in every 5 employees are looking for another job.

With it taking on average 52 days to refill that opening role, you lose 2 1/2 months of potential workforce benefits and business profits when this happens. 

As you look at your goals for 2020, for growing your business, consider using the following exercise to keep your great employees happy, so they don't jump ship next year.  


Schedule a meeting with each of your team members and ask them the following three questions:

  1. What is going well?

  2. What needs improvement?

  3. What would they like to be working on?


Asking these three questions above will give you feedback on what will be both a benefit for your employees and also the business.

During these feedback sessions, remember your goal as a leader is only to listen and take notes of what information your staff is providing you.

Once you have gotten all the feedback, strategize what parts of the feedback you can incorporate in your 2020 business goals.

After you confirmed what part of the feedback to include, schedule quarterly meetings with your team(s) to update them on the feedback changes you have added going forward to the business. 


Try this exercise out today to see how this feedback exercise can help you keep great employees in your workforce.


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