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Three Steps To Effectively Leverage Your Teams' Strengths At Work

Livia Jenvey |  September 10, 2018

Frustrated with the lack of team engagement and done with having to constantly overwork to get project tasks done?

If this is a problem you have been facing, this problem might be due to your team not being able to fully utilize their individuals strengths effectively.  When individuals are not using their strengths fully, they become stagnant tend to have a mindset of "go with the flow".  Leaving their engagement to be pretty low.  

One way to alleviate this problem, is to take a look at your current team and define if you are leveraging the strengths your team has that you are not strong on.  Use the following three steps to help you with this: 


Step 1- What Are You Weak Points?

Look at things that you are not the best at that you are doing in your day-to-day.  Write them all down and list out if they are things that you have to keep doing (i.e. you have to sign and validate the payroll check). To the things you don’t have to keep doing (i.e. doing the data entry and calculating of sales results).


Step 2 – Find A Resource Who is Good at Your Weak Points.

Review who on your team is really good at the things that are weak points for you.  Using the example of the data entry and calculation of sales results, is there someone on your team who is a data entry Excel guru? Do they create spreadsheets for fun?  This is the person to bring on to help you do this task.


Step 3 – Leverage Your Resource.

Now that you have found the person who is your Excel guru, assign them the task.  If it is something that they enjoy doing, asking for there help to take this on will most likely be something they will be happy to do.  They get to leverage their skills further in helping others. Set up a schedule to make sure to review the work they are doing for you to make sure that they are doing it in a way that works for you.  Once they have it, let them run with it and check in with them when you need updates.

Try this exercise today. Use the strengths of your team to take care of things in your day-to-day that will give you more time to be the leader you need to be.


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