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The Importance of Strong Human Capital

Livia Jenvey |  Aug 17, 2020

For many years I've shared leadership insights into the importance of human capital for a company.  

What human capital is, it's the value of the talent that you have in your company. The more talented your team, the longer they've worked for you, and the better they will perform, contributes to both yearly earnings and the more value the market will place your company.

It's an area I honestly find undervalued in large public companies, as many employees are considered more as cogs in a machine then individual value contributors to company bottom-line earnings.  

For privately held businesses, the stronger the human capital, the better they will perform, especially in a crisis.  

To increase operational performance within a company for reducing costs and gaining financial value. A business leader must assess how strong their human capital currently is and determine a plan for improving it daily.

What is one thing you can do today to help your employees improve their performance?

Start with answering this question to provide you the leadership guidance for determining a plan for improving how your employees perform.

If you still feel stuck, schedule a call with one of our team members today. We can help you determine what area you can start improving your human capital for your company now.



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