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How Inclusive Are Your Meetings?

Livia Jenvey |  February 24, 2019 

Being a leader, are you bringing enough different types of people to the table to help you achieve higher performance in your organization?

If you're not, you might want to take a glance at who's at the meeting, helping come up with solutions to perform better as a business.

Recently I saw a documentary on how it took over 200 hundred years to decode the Mayan language. For the majority of these 200 hundred years, individuals would try to come up with various theories and techniques to decipher the complex ancient symbols of the Mayan language.

It wasn't until a woman who was photographing all the different statues in the 1970s, invited anyone interested in the subject to meet in Mexico for a summit on the Mayan Glyphs. Attendees to this event were of various ages, backgrounds, and disciplines. And within hours of all these individuals gathered together to discuss different ideas on how to decipher the language, they solved the 200-year dilemma of translating the language.

Is there something in your organization your striving to be better towards in performance?

Is it to increase sales, grow customer base, improve operational efficiency, or determine a new strategy to complete a complex project under budget and at a low cost.

Take a moment to see who you have at the table with you in coming up with ideas to do this.

Because, as the Mayan decoding example, the achievement was from including people of all different backgrounds at the table. To help come up with new insights and ideas to achieve great feats quickly.



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