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Leading Kids During Tough Times

Livia Jenvey |  March 23, 2020

When times get tough, as a parent, it can be challenging to balance managing a team at work and kids at home. With a good deal of us sheltering in place during this global pandemic, most schools have closed and are conducting instead online instruction. 

As a parent, this can be challenging to try to continue to manage your work remotely while handling kids. Who might be bugging you often for something to do or asking you if they can go over to their friend's house to play or hangout. 

If your kids are starting to drive you crazy, here are a few tips you could try to help:


1) Communicate The Why

Kids may not truly get the reason why they have to shelter in place, so communicating to them the reason why it is essential. Have a conversation with them, letting them know that you don't know who of their friends may have been exposed to, that we currently need to follow the orders so that we help protect those who are the most vulnerable to this pandemic.   


2) Get Creative

One way to help entertain the kids is by getting them involved in creative activities. Here is a list of a few creative websites that are offering games or virtual events to help entertain the kids: 

YayMaker | Virtual Events: https://www.yaymaker.com/events/

KiwiCo | STEM, STEAM & Science Kits for Kids: https://www.kiwico.com/


3) Setup Virtual A Hangout

With the use of online technology to conduct virtual meetings, you can also set up a virtual hangout for your kids. When trying this one out, it works best with ten or fewer kids. All you have to do is schedule a virtual video hangout either using Zoom, Goto Meeting, or Google Hangouts to have kids still get to hang out with their friends virtually. Plus, since you can schedule this, you can use this as a reward for getting their online homework done. 


Try these out today to help you balance managing your business teams and kids during these tough times


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