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Marketing Yourself for Success

 Livia Jenvey  |   July 17, 2017

In business ,when you are considered a leader in any area of your organization, one thing that you need to know is how to influence, to help achieve your business goals.  One way to do this, is that you need to know how to be as depicted yourself as a good marketer (a person or company that advertises or promotes something). 
Effective leaders build relationships with staff, peers and their managers.  When you build these relationships, you have to be able to not only market yourself as someone they can count on as a leader, you also have to promote the desired goals you want to achieved. 

For example, your staff needs to understand the direction they are going.  It crucial you build confidence and trust amongst this group and get them excited about achieving the goals. Thus the brand of ‘You’ is a big thing in helping your team trust and feel confident in supporting you in reaching that goal(s).

This is meant to work in your favor, however if you are having challenges with you team on this, it maybe a good time to check and see how your marketing effort is going and tweak it a little.

  • Find One Word To Describe Yourself

One way to help you do this is to take a moment to ask your staff, one word that they would say would describe you best. 

  • Does This Word Align With Your Message?

Once you have this word, look and see if their word aligns with the marketing message you are trying to portray with your team. 

  • How To Strengthen This Word With Your Message

If it is, what ways can you strengthen this message?  If it does not, what other actions could you take that are more aligned to the marketing message you are trying to portray to your team to help reach your goal.

Try this simple exercise out today to see how effective you are marketing yourself for success.


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