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How to Keep Your Team Productive During Holiday Season

Livia Jenvey |  December 2, 2019 

Have you noticed recently your team currently struggling to get things done?

You are not alone as the year is starting to end most people are getting into the vacation mindset. 

Their thoughts lean more towards gift buying, holiday travel etc. We are all victim to this, but this performance slump can cause stress to your bottom line if not managed.  

Performance slumps happen when after working for long hours on projects, team members are burnt out or when team members are distracted.  Once this happens the ability to stay focused is difficult, and important tasks can get missed. 

To revive your team's performance slump, try this tip this month with your team: 


Schedule Friday Afternoon Downtime

  • At the end of the workweek, on Friday afternoons, get the team together. 
  • Set an minimum of hour for the sole purpose of no working.
  • During this time do something relaxing, sociable, and enjoyable with your team.  


When you do this the first time with your team.  Let your team know you appreciate all the work they do, would like to give them this extra time this month.  Also let them know, they have to make sure their work is done before this down town or this down time will be rebuked.  

When you team knows they will have this down time to think or chat more about their holiday plans. It will put pressure on them to make sure they get their work done during the week.  A win-win for you, as this gets them to quickly increase team performance to getting things done.


Try with your team today to alleviate team burn out and help your team excel in their performance and productivity. 


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