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How To Keep Communications Between Committees In Sync

 Livia Jenvey |  January 21, 2019 

Within each organization, committees provide the forum for businesses to move and function each day.

In these gathered forums ideas, steps, action, and assigned resources come together to achieve the mission the executive leadership teams envision.

However, there is a balance in the effectiveness of productivity and performance of these committees. When there are too many committees or too few of them, it can cause impacts to an organization's revenue.

In helping business leaders create efficiency, it is essential to align activities with performance initiatives. One avenue I use is to determine how many committees exist in the organization and how in the sink each is in communication with each other. Because if one is not communicating, it ripples havoc through an organization's downstream processes leading to substantial financial implications.

As a business leader, the last thing you want on your plate is to have to manage the communication channels between committees. However, if it is something you don't have on your radar it could end up turning into an immense business problem.

A tip for how to keep effective communications between your business committees on your radar is to:

1. Assign an individual or team to be optics.

2. Ask the individual or team to report to you periodically on the following:

- What is the purpose of this committee?
- What problems are they solving for the business?
- Is there a map of the committee's communication channel?

If the group or individual assigned is having difficulty getting these question answered. It is a tale sign. There might be an issue, which you now can remediate it.

Use this simple tip today to keep your organization balanced effectiveness of productivity and performance.


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