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A Tip On Aligning Teams For Increasing Productivity

Livia Jenvey |  October 22, 2018

Are you struggling to get your team to perform better?

Are team members having conflict in aligning to get goals achieved? 

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are not alone.  These questions are what I often work with clients to help solve. 

In the book Blue Ocean by W. Chan Kim describes how creating the organization that performs at its optimal level, involves getting the teams aligned with the values of the overall organization.  When each member of your is not aligned to the mission and values of your organization, this can cause conflict and misalignment with the teams in your organization. 

When your team(s) are aligned with your company’s values and mission, you profit. Their focus is aimed at achieving the goals clearly using the mission and values outlined by your organization.

The goal is to develop a holistic approach at looking at all levels to sustain success in your organization. Try the following steps to begin to achieve this approach in your business:


Step 1: Determine if Teams are collaborating

Determine of teams are not sharing creative ideas, not collaborating, and/or have a one against all mindset.  Watch how you teams interact. Meet with team members to get feedback on how they each feel their team in performing.


Step 2: Re-establish the Organization Values

Re-establish the values that your organization represents.  Help educate all members on what the mission of your organization.  As well support your members understand the values your organization represents.


Step 3: Create Trust, Commitment, & Buy In

Create the trust, commitment, and buy in to bring your people to be part of your team, to do the extra mile, and want to volunteer to be part of your team. Spend time working with your team to get them to feel valued, understood, and respected.  As well recognize their accomplishments as they partake in your mission.


Try this exercise today, to help your team(s) align better for performing at their most optimal level in your organization. 


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