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How To Makes It Easier For Your Team To Work Together

 Livia Jenvey |  December 17, 2018 

As we close out this year, if you haven’t done so already.  This is a great time to look back at how your business performed to see what lessons you could learn to help your business in the upcoming year. 

One area, which I often work a lot with my clients during this time of the year, are defining strategies for increasing team performance.  The first question I ask the business leaders I work when we start this processes is:

Does your team trust each other?

The responses I get back from my business leaders range from a timid yes, to blank stares.  Which is an indicator to me this is an area to review, because it is an potential source to why their dynamic workforce is not performing at their best.   

When a team does not trust each other, it is a sign there is no authentic connection built within the team structure.  With no authentic connection, there is no sense of predictability with each of the team members.  In her book Trust in Modern Societies,  Barbara Misztal notes “trustmakes social life predictable, creates a sense of community, and makes it easier for people to work together.”

Each day, as we are going through our day-to-day and working on our endless tasks. It can become easy to forget to keep our authentic connections in place with each other. 

We are heads down, charging towards our deadlines, we may forget those around us.  When this happens, it can create negative experiences for individuals in the office, because a sense of community is lacking and this can spiral towards losing trust amongst your team members.  Which then leads to major difficulties with people working together. 

One way to help avoid this is to build, within the daily chaos, opportunities for group community interaction to occur on a weekly basis.

Here are a couple of examples you could try in your office which create this type of interaction:


  1. Scheduled Weekly Team Social Meetings

This could be something you schedule individually or as a group.  The goal is to chat about how things are going in their life to understand more about possible life connections you each share. You could do this as a lunch meeting or at the end-of-week get together.  The goal is it is something that is more of a community building social connection time versus a work meeting.


  1. Setup Office Hours

A great way to have an open door policy, without being bombarded on a constant basis, is to set standard office hours.  This is a way to have a set day and time for folks to come in your office to chat, be social, and build community.  Note: If you have a big team, having a sign-up sheet is a great way to allow everyone the option to book office hours and to avoid those who may take too much of the office hour time.


Try these examples to build authentic relationships and trust amongst your team.  This will help your team in increasing their performance and productivity for this upcoming new year.


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