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Why Is The Assembly Line So Important?

Livia Jenvey |  May 18, 2020

By far, the assembly line is the most effective production process. When it functions at it's best, massive profit results are obtained.  
Yet, no matter what type of assembly line you have in place, from producing products such as food, beverage, clothing, or beauty goods to entering data or creating ongoing engagement with your customers.

The assembly line results can only be as effective as it is maintained, which means an ongoing review of how the individuals, systems, or technology are operating in running your assembly line.  

Assembly line movements are small repeatable actions that run in sync to provide you the most effective outputs.

To successfully have an assembly line performing at their best day-in and day-out.  It requires a business leader to keep an eye on if any of the actions involved have the potential to be disrupted, which can cause a possible risk to your business.

As you're planning, your business contingency during this challenging time as the world is trying to maneuver thought the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Have you reviewed if your assembly line's individuals, systems, and technology can handle such a shift of either a sudden increase, decrease, or delays to their functions?

Let me share a classic example of what I mean by this.  If you're familiar with the famous TV show 'I Love Lucy,' one of her funny episodes involve her and her friend Ethel working the assembly line at The Chocolate Factory.

In the beginning, they had no problem working on their functions. However, suddenly out of the blue, the conveyor belt rapidly increases. They can't meet the new speed and have all sorts of hilarious problems.


With much uncertainty in the economy, do you have a consistent way to monitor the production rate of your assembly line functions?

As a business leader planning how your business will operate through this new normal, consider making it a priority to review how this is impacting the people, systems, and technology in your assembly line.  

Right now is the perfect time to see where you can begin to adapt and realign your organization.  Review where you, as a business leader, can adjust your assembly line to create better performance in either the products you produce or the ways you interact with customers or vendors.

Meet the demands of this new normal and any potential new shifts in the near future by doing this today to mitigate any negative impacts to your business bottom line.   

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