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About Us


Jenvey Consulting helps Business Leaders,

Get Better Performance Results Now.


Jenvey Consulting LLC, a management consulting company, whose mission is to help Business Leaders, Get Better Results Now, for increasing their business profits.

At Jenvey Consulting, we have a team of dedicated highly qualified individuals whose mission is to provide business leaders the most effective performance improvement solutions and plans for achieving the greatest increase in organizational performance and productivity.

Jenvey Consulting provides guidance either through Leadership Consulting or Change Management Services for helping business leaders immediately implement smooth, measurable, and lasting process improvements for obtaining immediate results in growing their business profits.

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Industries Jenvey Consulting Works With:

  • Manufacturing 
  • Technology
  • Insurance
  • Finance


Livia Jenvey 

Founder & CEO

Livia Jenvey is the Founder & CEO of Jenvey Consulting, a management consulting company, whose mission is to help business leaders Get Better Results Now


Livia comes from a business background of 20+ years of corporate consulting experience. She has worked for various Fortune 100 & 500 US national and international multi-billion dollar corporations and privately-owned companies.  Helping each organization boost revenues and sustain ongoing increased profit growth.



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