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About Us

Jenvey Consulting provides performance improvement services for business leaders looking for immediate solutions to alleviate anticipated or current performance difficulties.


We are your Performance Improvement & Change Management Experts whose mission is to help business leaders increase profits quickly.


We understand you want your business operations to perform as a high-quality well-oiled machine. Working effectively, as you push it at speeds of 200+ miles per hour like the sports car, yacht, super bike, you either have had, have, or will have in your garage.


We know your time is valuable, which is why we help you quickly find how to Get Better Results Now.


Our goal is to help you develop how to Achieve Immediate Results, to make things work and perform better, smoother, and faster.


Our services include 360 Operations Assessment Change Management Plan, Private 1-1 Leadership, Performance, & Executive Coaching, Leadership Consulting Services workshops, seminars, & training, and Online Leadership Coaching Courses.


If you're ready to Get Better Results Now, give our team a call.


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Industries Jenvey Consulting Works With:

  • Manufacturing 
  • Information Technology
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurant
  • Health & Fitness
  • Education


Livia Jenvey 

Founder & CEO

Livia Jenvey is the Founder & CEO of Jenvey Consulting, a management consulting company, whose mission is to help business leaders Get Better Results Now


Livia comes from a business background of 20+ years of corporate consulting experience. She has worked for various Fortune 100 & 500 US national and international multi-billion dollar corporations and privately-owned companies, helping each increase organizational growth and profits.


She specializes in helping business executives and management teams to provide outstanding services and/or products to their customers, develop effective business strategies for boosting organizational revenues, and business strategies for driving increased sales, productivity, team performance, and yearly profits growth.


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